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Airstream Window Repair - Vista View Windows

Nothing is working! Are we actually gonna have to buy new ones?! See below for how not to restore airstream vista view windows.

Apparently, those who busted out the inner pane were onto something. These are the worst to restore... so far.

At first, we approached them like all the others... Which means removing the frames and cleaning up all the pieces separately, putting them back together with new and improved seals and gaskets, and voila! However... These windows are cursed together with very strong magic. Above, I (Lee) am shaving off the rivet heads to free up the key stock that connects the two halves of the frame. However, it was to no avail.

One of the main issues is shown above. There's no way that I found to punch those rivets out without the rivet protruding into one of the glass panes and shattering it, which we did... twice.

Many rounds of brute force, PB Blaster, brute force, PB Blaster... nothin. In case you think you'll have better luck: [PB Blaster we use.]

So, it looks like we'll have to do it like others have suggested after all. I'll detail that recommended procedure in the next post...


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