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Tips on How to Make Your Property Rental Worthy

Written by John Dunbar

Repair and Maintain

As a property owner, the onus is on you to ensure that the property you’re about to lease out is safe to live in. Therefore, you’ll want to see to any repair and maintenance concerns that may be a top priority to get the property move-in ready. Important considerations to address first include making sure that the electrical system is in working order. You may also need to inspect the HVAC system to ensure that it functions adequately, make sure there are no water leaks anywhere, make sure all the doors and windows close and lock properly, and remove any insect infestations (if there are any), and more.

Make Sure the Features Impress Your Tenants

The outward appearance of your rental is sure to matter a great deal in the eyes of prospective renters. Therefore, if you want to get tenants in fast, you’ll need to make sure the property looks as impressive as possible.

Curb matters. The curb of your rental property is the first thing that tenants will get a good glimpse at even before they enter through your doors. So, if you want to focus on an area that will leave the greatest first impression, the curb would be it. For example, check that the lawn has been neatly trimmed, the flowerbeds look healthy, the picket fence is nicely painted, the exterior of the property looks almost as good as new, etc.

The bathroom and kitchen are focal areas. If you want tenants to be instantly impressed with your property, focus on the bathroom and kitchen first. Here, it’s about smart design details that draw the eye towards nicely-done aesthetic finishes rather than splashing out on completely remodeling these two focal areas of the home (which can be expensive). Perhaps, the bathtub needs replacing or the fixtures on the cabinets need to be changed to give the space a fresh and new look. Whatever you do, just remember that a little creativity can often go a far way in transforming a space from boring to glam!

Doing it Alone or Hiring Help

Maybe you know that you don’t have the necessary expertise to do it all yourself, in which case, perhaps you need to consider hiring professional help to get the job done right the first time. For example, professional landscaping can be quite a job and a job you may definitely not be suited to. Then hiring a landscaper may just be in your best interests to get the ground looking impeccable. Or maybe finding suitable tenants is not your forte, then a property manager can certainly assist you with all the ins and outs of tenant leasing.

Marketing Your Property

There are many ways to get the word out where your fabulous property is concerned. Perhaps, you enjoy live-streaming videos and posting these on YouTube or Instagram to show off the projects you’ve completed. Or maybe using the many features of Facebook such as reels and stories is where it’s at for you. Just remember you can create a Facebook ad easily to create a customized ad with the preferred font and colors of your choice that showcases your brand, your logo, and your property quite nicely.

Getting a rental property ready isn’t necessarily an easy task, but it can definitely be rewarding in a number of ways. Just make sure you plan in advance and take it one step at a time. And if you need any advice, you can always contact the experts at Barkley Properties!

Image via Pexels


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