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Rental Application and Appointments for Viewing


If you are interested in renting one of our properties, please text your name, email address, and which property you're interested in to 205-587-5262 (please do not call as I will not answer for unknown numbers). Appointments are required to view our properties. Please do not disturb the tenants.You can request an appointment to view the home and/or request an application. However, please read the application requirements below before requesting an appointment to view the home.


An application can be emailed to you and filled out online.  

Application Requirements

Credit, Income, Background Check, and Rental History

  • Application fee is $35 per applicant. Each applicant will need their own email address.

  • Everyone over the age of 19 MUST apply if they will be living in the house. 

  • Make 3 times the rent in monthly income (can be a household income). Proof must be given.

  • Have either NO credit at all or at least a 580 credit score. Some of our properties require a min of 680.

  • Minimal collections (if any at all) and NO bankruptcy or eviction for the past 24 months

  • Rental History will be checked with current or previous landlords. If more than 2 lates are reported, you will be denied.

  • PETS: ask property manager if pets are allowed for the property of interest.

  • No need to pass the credit check if you are able to pay the full years rent upfront however you must still pass the background check and age requirement.

  • Stable employment history: the longer on the job, the better.


You'll need

  • Proof of income (ie..paystubs,social security statement, child support)

  • Drivers license(s)


If these Application Requirements work for you, please text us for an appointment to view the home. It is NOT required to apply prior to seeing the home first. We REQUIRE a drivers license copy be text or emailed to us PRIOR to any showings due to safety concerns.


Once You're Approved

1. A hold fee will be charged equal to one month's rent. At the time of move in, this will be converted to your security deposit. If you do not move in within 30 days of this hold fee, you forfeit your hold fee.

2. Sign your lease.

4. Utilities Turned on in YOUR name for the date of move in.

5. Arrange key exchange for the start of your lease.

6. Prorated Rent is due for the day you move in.

7. Rent is due the 1st-5th of every month with a late fee on the 6th (if not paid by the 5th). Please see lease agreement for details.

Please note: If you are granted a tenancy as a result of information supplied which subsequently proves to be false, you may be committing a criminal offence and may place your tenancy at risk. It is therefore vitally important that reference information is completed accurately and as completely as possible.

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