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Airstream Renovation Begins. Demo, Phase 1

Our plans for the first phase of demo in our airstream was to remove the couch, carpet, and the kitchen appliances & cabinets that required repair/replacement.

The couch was super snug in its place and difficult to remove, but I couldn't wait to get it out so it was the first to go! Big couch, small airstream door. We were thankful that the legs were removable! It came close to getting the chainsaw. The carpet came out easily, and we were able to salvage most of the cabinetry!

Here are a few before pictures...

The couch is out!! Now, it's time to remove the stinky old carpet.

This doesn't look right...

Time to remove the old gas oven.

Do we need this old copper pipe?

Countertops off!

What to replace here...

(hint: all of it)

Ordering a new water pump.

Our workspace.

Next up, the window project! We plan to repair and rebuild them all ourselves. We anticipate this to be our biggest challenge of this project.


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