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DIY Curb Appeal Tips

Selling a home can get very competitive, depending on your neighborhood. However, no matter where you live, improving your home's curb appeal can ensure you sell faster and at the best price possible for your area! Below are a few easy, affordable, and fun ways to boost your home's curb appeal.

The first tip, and my favorite, is new hardware! This can include updated lighting (sconces or pendant light), a stylish door knocker, new address numbers to coordinate with the style of your home, and/or converting to keyless entry for your front door! Make sure these all coordinate in the finish and style that's right for your home. New buyers will love the updated keyless entry option too!

Brighten up and frame your entryway with season appropriate plants and/or floral arrangements in containers and window boxes. Utilizing containers that fit with your décor will also add to the attractiveness of your home and be inviting to home buyers. An additional bonus, fresh plants in containers can be moved indoors if needed during cold weather. Get creative!

Another way to boost the curb appeal of your home is to replace or add shutters! While there are 4 common styles (see below), board and batten seems to be the more popular choice on new construction homes in the south. Whichever you choose, make sure it is consistent with the style of the home. If you find that you don't want or need to replace your current shutters, you can ensure they look their best with a fresh coat of paint, stain, or other finish of your choice.

Lastly, make sure your front door looks fresh. For most homes, all that is needed to add new life to the front door is a fresh coat of paint or stain. If you can budget for it and feel that value can be added with a new door, this could be a good investment that may add the character and charm a home buyer is seeking. After all, you've got to get them through the front door so make that door irresistible!!

I hope you find my curb appeal tips helpful (see sample photos below)! In my experience, I have found that these updates provide the best curb appeal bang for your buck. Plus, these are all DIY ideas so do your research and get busy!

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